Course for Safety Officers: How To Kickstart Your Career

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A safety officer is a sought-after employment commodity within the business environment in today’s world. The COVID19 pandemic has further highlighted the importance of health and safety (H&S) and the measures that need to be taken to ensure the health, safety, and wellbeing of all employees. Obtaining or attending the correct course for safety officers is important to ensure that you are upskilled with good quality content, knowledge and are confident in health and safety to assist your employer with obtaining an Occupational health and safety compliance certificate.

If you currently are in a career that is stagnating, unchallenging, or boring, then consider looking at attending safety training courses like Absolute Health Services course for Safety Officer. This course is fully accredited with the Health and Welfare SETA and is one of the most cost-effective high-quality courses available in South Africa.

The Role of the Health and Safety Officer

Obtaining the best health and safety certification or qualifications or attending health and safety courses will enable the safety officer to perform their role, responsibilities and duties competently, which could include:

  • To assist the organization in creating a healthy, safe and prepared working environment.
  • Setting clear H&S objectives that need to be achieved and a supporting H&S policy which is agreed upon by management.
  • Involving management and employee’s in H&S discussions, decisions and implementation and review.
  • Conduct regular and thorough risk assessments across the whole workplace to determine the hazards and their risk and then implement appropriate control measures.   
  • Manage and ensure appropriate health and safety training of employees in training courses such as first aid, firefighting, fire safety, H&S representative, safety training courses etc. 
  • Monitor, review and continuously improve H&S processes, procedures and standards.

Frequently Asked Questions About a Course for Safety Officers

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Health and Safety Officer course:

  • What course do I need to attend to become a Safety Officer: You can attend the Absolute Health Services Health and Safety Officer course.
  • Is the course accredited and recognised: Yes, the course is accredited by the HWSETA and recognised in South Africa.
  • Are there any entry requirements for the health and safety course: No, anyone can attend.
  • How long is the course duration `from start to completion: The course is 10 full training days.
  • What is the cost of the training course: R8,950.00 ex VAT.
  • Is there health and safety certification online: No, the course is completed face-to-face in class.
  • What other H&S courses are there to attend: The highest-level course in South Africa is a National Diploma in Health and Safety Management which is a level 6 diploma.  
  • Where are the H&S officer courses presented from: The course are presented approximately every second month at the Absolute Health Services Johannesburg North, Durban and Cape Town training centres.    

The Benefits of Becoming a Safety Officer

A safety officer is a management-level employment position that generally earns a good monthly salary package. The position often has a communication channel or link to top management, which can also be advantageous to an employee’s career path if managed and handled appropriately. Hard work, commitment and good safety results will “shine a light and draw focus on you” and make you recognizable by management, which is good for career progression.

Should there be a need to leave a company and look to move to another company for greener pastures, or better benefits, this would be possible. There are available positions in the industry where organizations are looking for quality skills and safety officers that can assist in obtaining an Occupational Health and Safety compliance certificate or status. Attending a recognized and quality safety officer course or safety training course is a good career progression strategy move. Obtaining further qualifications, or additional courses and continuously improving your curriculum vitae is always advisable as it places you ahead of your competitors and better positioned to secure available positions and employment.

Do not delay or wait any longer, contact Absolute Health Services and register for our Course for Safety Officer to build your knowledge, improve your skills and become a health and safety specialist.    

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