Stacking and Storage: 1 Day R795.00 ex VAT

Irrespective of the nature of your business, sooner or later you are going to have to make use of proper stacking and storage initiatives for various products, equipment, or other resources. Every year numerous accidents occur while these resources are stacked or de-stacked leading to millions of Rands of damage, serious injuries, or even death. With this course, we wish to assist both the employer and employee to reduce the risk of damages and injuries by enforcing safe and effective methods for stacking and storing according to OHS legislation.

The General Safety Regulations of the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Act 85 of 1993 deal with the stacking of articles under heading 8. It states that no employer shall require or permit the building of stacks that consists of successive tiers unless the stacking operation is executed by or under the supervision of a person with specific knowledge and experience of this type of work.

Section 8 of the OHS Act states that an employer will provide a working environment that is safe and without risk to his or her employees. He or she will also provide information and training to ensure the health and safety of the employees. Training your staff on correct stacking and storage procedures is therefore crucial where this activity is undertaken in the workplace.

When stacking and storage are undertaken the following should be considered:

  • The base of the stack must be level and placed on a surface that will be able to support the total weight of the stack;
  • Materials stacked upon each other must be of a similar size and shape;
  • Heavier materials should be stacked at the bottom of a stack and lighter items towards the top;
  • Where there is a danger of collapse, stacks should immediately be de-stacked;
  • When de-stacking, remove materials from the top of the stack and not the bottom;
  • Stacks should be constructed for materials to interlock with each other to improve overall stability;
  • Precautions must be taken where there is a danger of people or vehicles colliding with a stack.

Stacking and Storage Course Content and Modules: 

  • Legal requirements for Stacking and Storage – The requirements as is outlined in the OHS Act is discussed to ensure that the operation is undertaken safely;
  • Safe working systems – To prevent personal injury everyone involved in stacking and storage needs to have a general understanding of a safe working system;
  • Stacking procedures – The various factors that need to be considered to ensure safe stacking and de-stacking is discussed;
  • Stacking different types of goods – Material shape, size, and type along with the type of stacking equipment available would affect how the stacking process should be undertaken;
  • Workplace hazards – Learners will be taught how to identify and control risks in the workplace in order to reduce or prevent injury;
  • Safety inspections – The importance of safety inspections and the contents of a safety inspection is discussed to prepare learners for the task of stacking and storage at the workplace;
  • Fire safety – In a warehouse where a lot of materials are kept fires may easily erupt with catastrophic results. The need for good housekeeping is discussed along with the importance of a fire prevention programme in the workplace.


R795.00 excluding VAT.

Duration of the course:

Stacking and storage is a 1-day course.


The delegates will be issued with a certificate once they have successfully completed the 1-day course and the certificate is valid for a 2-year period.


Facilitation of the courses can be conducted on-site at your if you have a minimum of 8 delegates, or at one of our training venues in Johannesburg, Durban, Port Elizabeth, or Cape Town

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