Frequently Asked Questions

Occupational Health and Safety Act Compliance Training

First aid which is the most important, followed by OHS Representative, Firefighting and Evacuation planning, are the four “popular” OHS act compliance courses.

The accepted ratio of employees  to number of employees trained is 50:1. We suggest a minimum number of 2 per company for first aid, firefighting and evacuation planning, and 1 for OHS Representative.  

OHS act compliance training certificates are valid for either two or three years. First aid is valid for three years and the other three courses are valid for 2 years. The skills are not often used and thus need to be redone to be refreshed or trained in a higher or more advanced level.

Courses can be presented on-site at client premises where the delegate numbers are sufficient, such as 8 per course. If the attending numbers are smaller then there are public courses presented on scheduled dates at our training venues in Johannesburg North, Durban, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town. 

Accidents, incidents and emergencies happen unexpectedly and at any time, which could lead to injury, damage, loss of assets and even life. Department of Labour inspectors investigate and randomly visit companies to ensure that they are prepared and compliant in OHS training requirements. Non compliance results in notices, penalties / fines and even criminal jail time.

Training Accreditation and Recognition Requirements

No, an OHS training company must be fully accredited by a SETA (e.g. HWSETA), as well as the Department of Employment and Labour (DOEL)and the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO), to offer accredited training. 

AHS is fully accredited by the HWSETA, the DOEL and QCTO to present OHS compliance courses. Training accreditation ensures that the courses presented are good quality and recognised by the DOEL inspectors and authorities.

Yes, our certificates are recognised across South Africa and are in line with OHS act and industry standards for health and safety compliance requirements.

AHS regularly reviews and updates their course content to ensure alignment with the latest industry trends, practices, and guidelines, including compliance with the OHS act and Resuscitation Council of Southern Africa.

Course Registration, Payment, Attendance and Certification

Everyone can attend our courses, as long as they have an identity document and are able to successfully complete the practical components of some of the courses. Just make contact with AHS via telephone, the website or on email ([email protected]).

Once you have made contact we will send you a quotation to review, then sign acceptance and an invoice will be issued for payment. Once paid you will be booked on the next available course that suits you.

No, there is no prior experience or prerequisite requirements, anyone can attend.

Payments should be completed prior to attending the courses and must be made electronically via electronic funds transfer. We do not accept any cash onsite at our training venues.

No, there are no additional fees required, apart from lunch if you require it while attending our public courses.

After attending the full course and successfully completing the assessment, the certificates are released within 10 working days / or two weeks. Electronic certificates are released to the company representative, or individual who paid for the course, via a secure electronic web vault system.

Training Facilities, Instructors and Feedback Forms

Our training venues located in Johannesburg North, Durban, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town are high quality professional accredited training venues. Attending delegates are made welcome and feel comfortable at our venues.

Instructors are either OHS practitioners, paramedics or firefighters, that have practical operational experience and the appropriate certifications in presenting first aid, or firefighting and various other OHS courses such as Health and Safety Office, OHS representative  etc. 

Yes our first aid courses include and require hands-on practical participation and practise such as CPR, treatment simulations, splinting etc. Firefighting courses also include handling a fire extinguisher and all courses include and require delegate participation. 

Yes, after every course there are feedback forms issued to every attending delegate to complete and provide positive and or negative feedback on the course. All feedback forms are reviewed and concerns are addressed by AHS management at their bi-monthly management meetings, to ensure that good quality and that appropriate standards are maintained.  

Discounts and Pricing

Yes, group bookings do attract good training discounts, to ensure that our courses are well priced. You can visit our Speedy Quote Assessment for group quotes, or contact one of our sales consultants to assist with cost effective training pricing.

Yes, we strive to ensure that our courses are well priced and that our clients and attending delegates receive a cost effective good quality experience. There is no need to look any further, we can guarantee well priced accredited training courses. 

We offer a range of support services, including academic support, technical assistance, and career advice throughout the course.