Occupational Health and Safety Management Services

Absolute Health Services (AHS) has a team of qualified Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) practitioners, that are able to assist organisations in implementing holistic, logical and successful OHS management services within their unique working environments, thus ensuring alignment with the Occupational Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993 and its requirements.

Absolute Health Services offers a variety of OHS management service related offerings. These are listed below, the costing is an estimate and can only be confirmed once one of our OHS practitioners or administrators have discussed your OHS requirements in more detail.

OHS Management Services

Our unique OHS management services consist of a monthly recurring service offering, where one of our OHS practitioners visits the organisation each month for a day or agreed period, to assist in ensuring that the tailored OHS system is established and maintained to achieve a positive OHS compliance status within the organisation.


R8,750.00 (ex VAT) per month (8 hrs)


1 day (8 hours) a month
2 days (4 hours each day) a month

OHS Compliance Assessment

Are you compliant with the OHS Act and its requirements? Our OHS practitioners are able to conduct an OHS Compliance Assessment, which provides a confidential assessment of your current OHS system, including documentation, structures, training, equipment, meetings etc. We will then provide a report which indicates the organisation’s OHS compliance rating percentage, which includes compliant and non-compliant areas of the OHS act and regulations, municipal emergency services by-law, or South African National Standard (OHS). This report can then be utilised to plan and improve the organisation’s OHS position and compliance rating.


Large: R12,500.00 (ex VAT)
: R7,500.00 (ex VAT)
Small: R4,500.00 (ex VAT)

OHS Risk Assessment

Effective OHS risk management is one of any organisation’s most important OHS objectives. One of our OHS practitioners will conduct an on-site OHS risk assessment of your premises, with the aim to identify and highlight all the individual hazards and their risk ranking. We will then provide a written and photographic report, which should then be used by management to develop an appropriate risk management plan, aimed at eliminating or mitigating each risk. This OHS risk assessment process must ideally be conducted annually and will assist in creating a healthy, safe, prepared and compliant working environment.


R7,500. 00 (ex VAT) additional
R3,750.00 (ex VAT) for every additional day.


Minimum 2 days – 1 day assess, 1-day report writing

OHS Equipment Assessment

The OHS Act, municipal emergency services by-laws and the SANS national building regulations, require organisations premises to be compliant with certain OHS and emergency preparedness requirements. We will send one of our servicing technicians, or OHS practitioners to assess your working environment to ensure that it contains the correct emergency and OHS equipment for OHS compliance and the teams to utilise during an emergency. The OHS equipment assessment only lists the equipment items required and their costs.


R975.00 (ex VAT) – 2 Hours site assessment 
R550.00 (ex VAT) – Every Hour thereafter


OHS Files

We can review your existing OHS correspondence and provide additional OHS correspondence in hard and electronic word format, to assist your organisation in creating an up-to-date and current OHS file, which includes an OHS policy, evacuation policy, incident investigation policy, OHS organogram, appointment letters, OHS committee meeting agenda and minutes, etc.


Large: R10,000.00 (ex VAT)
Medium: R5,500.00 (ex VAT)
R3,750.00 (ex VAT)

Evacuation Drills

Organisations are required to conduct bi-annual evacuation drills, in order for the entire workforce to practice for the unfortunate occurrence of a possible emergency or disaster, requiring evacuation. AHS is able to send a team to your organisation, who will assist with staging an actual emergency scenario and then conduct the actual evacuation drill. A written and photographic report is then generated listing all the conformances (positives), non-conformances (negatives) and suggested requirements to be implemented, in order to improve on the evacuation process and next evacuation drill.


Large: R7,500.00 (ex VAT)
Small: R5,000.00 (ex VAT)

All prices listed above are approximate costs and are excluding VAT, travel, S&T and accommodation. 

With our knowledge in OHS management services, supply of HWSETA and DoEL accredited OHS training courses and OHS equipment supply service offerings, Absolute Health Services is well positioned to assist your organisation nationally with all of your OHS service requirement needs.

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