Evacuation Planning: 1 Day - R795.00 ex VAT

Every day many of us wake up, travel to work, and spend most of our time focused on our daily work routine. But every so often the unexpected happens. Nobody expects an emergency or disaster, especially one that personally affects them, their employees, and their business.

Yet the simple truth is that emergencies and disasters can strike anyone, anytime, anywhere. You and your employees may have to evacuate your company when you least expect it. This course is designed to help you plan for that possibility. The best way to protect yourself and the business is to expect the unexpected and develop a well-thought-out evacuation plan to guide you when immediate action is required.

It is also important that you remember to stop any procedure should you feel unsafe at any point. This course is designed to help you understand the importance of emergency preparedness and conducting bi-annual or regular evacuation drills in the workplace.

On completion of the course, you will understand the need for regular mock evacuation drills, evacuation floor plans, key personnel responsibilities, how to call for emergency interventions, and how to manage an evacuation under different scenarios.

Evacuation Planning Course Content and Modules:

  • Introduction to Evacuation Planning; 
  • Legal Requirements for Evacuation Planning;
  • Evacuation Floor Plans;
  • Key Evacuation Personnel Roles & Responsibilities;
  • First- and Second Stage Evacuation Procedures;
  • Specific Emergencies and Responses;
  • Dealing with Emergency Services;
  • Emergency Carry Methods and Important Points to Remember


R795.00 excluding VAT.

Duration of the course:

Evacuation planning is a 1-day course.


The delegates will be issued with a certificate once they have successfully completed the 1-day course and the certificate is valid for a 2-year period.


Facilitation of the courses can be conducted on-site at your if you have a minimum of 8 delegates, or at one of our training venues in Johannesburg, Durban, Port Elizabeth, or Cape Town

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