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Absolute Health Services (AHS) offer accredited Health and Safety (H&S) training, ensuring that our clients receive current, professional and quality training.

All our training instructors are paramedics registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa, and have extensive practical operational experience and have specialised in First Aid, Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), Firefighting and H&S training. Our training courses contain the latest theoretical course content and extensive practical content and scenario training, thereby ensuring both theoretical and practical exposure.

Our intention is to establish a national Health and Safety training network and footprint, enabling our clients to access our training network anywhere in the country.

We know that without the support of our clients our business would not exist, so we are committed to offering a professional, client-focused, high quality and cost-effective service.

Our Mission

To become a world-class health and safety-/-basic life support emergency-care training provider.

To establish a successful business structured around four core principals: being professional, and client focused, and providing a high quality, cost-effective service offering.

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First Aid Training: Advanced First Responder – First Aid Level 1, 2 & 3 – 5 Days

First Aid Training

First aid is a lifesaving skill that enables family members, friends, bystanders and fellow employees to assist patients who are injured until professional help or emergency services arrive. Accredited first aid training of employees within all workplace environment is a legal requirement as per the OHS Act at a ratio of 1:50 employees. First aid training also benefits communities, families, the public in general and the ill or injured person.
first aid training

First Aid NQF Level 1

This is the first aid course that we suggest all workplace delegates attend, as the other two first aid courses (NQF level 2 and 3) have a SETA entry requirement which requires delegates to attend a SETA accredited HIV AID’s course before attending the first aid NQF level 2 and 3 courses. First aid does make a difference, so go ahead and book your first aid NQF level 1 course with Absolute Health Services, we are accredited and can assist you.
First Aid Training Courses - First Aid Level 2

First Aid NQF Level 2

The Occupational Health and Safety act requires adequate first aid training to be provided in all workplaces because first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation is a critical life saving skill. Be assured that the first aid NQF level 2 course is a high-quality practical hands-on exposure course, as well as facilitating the latest theoretical knowledge. This course does however require delegates to attend a SETA accredited HIV AID’s course before attending this first aid NQF level 2 course.
first aid level 2

First Aid NQF Level 3

The first aid NQF level 3 course is an advanced first aid course and it, therefore, is longer in duration on both facilitation and on-the-job workplace practical requirements. The first aid training is at a more advanced level and focuses on priority treatment topics such as primary and secondary surveys and bleeding control management, etc. The course also requires delegates to first attend a SETA accredited HIV AID’s course, before they can gain entry onto this first aid NQF level 3 course.
First Aid Training Courses - First aid level 1, 2 and 3

First Aid Skills Program NQF Level 1, 2 & 3

This first aid combination course (NQF 1, 2, and 3), referred to as a skills program – Advanced First Aid Responder, was developed for and recommended to employees or persons that are exposed to high-risk environments. The combined content ensures that the first aid knowledge content and transfer are at an advanced level and that there are extensive practical simulations and practical exposure. The SETA accredited HIV AID’s course also needs to be completed before course entry.
Fire Fighting

Fire Fighting Training

Uncontrolled Fires account for millions of rands in destructive damage to property, businesses, forna and flora and unfortunately the loss of life. It is critically important for all businesses and organizations to have effective fire prevention and protection measures in place within all workplaces. This includes the training of health and safety team members such as Fire Wardens in accredited firefighting training and strategically positioned through the entire workplace, to respond when necessary.
Incident Investigation

Health & Safety Training

Health and Safety implementation, management and training, especially training the health and safety team member is a legal requirement and therefore important to ensure legal compliance and success of the health and safety management system. Training ranges from health and safety officer, supervisor, representative and 16.2 workshops for top management. Training in risk assessment (HIRA) and incident investigation is also key to successful H&S management.

Specialised Courses

Popular specialist course such as evacuation planning, HAZMAT, stacking and storage and HIV AIDS awareness, ensure that our clients have a broad range of health and safety related courses to choose from. Working at heights is also being launched and will be shortly added as an additional specialist course option. These courses are 1 day in duration and can be facilitated at either our clients’ venues or at one of our training centres.

CPR, AED & Choking Training Courses

CPR is a skill that every person should know, as it has been proven that if started early or quick enough CPR does assist in keeping a patient’s vital organs alive, until professional medical help arrives. This is a short course and we encourage families, workplaces, and everyone to attend CPR courses as it may well save someone’s life. The courses include CPR adult, child, and infant, as well as treatment for choking and automated external defibrillation (AED) usage.

Health and Safety Insights

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Who needs HAZMAT training in the workplace?

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