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Absolute Health Services specializes in health and safety training, equipment supply and management services.

The national business infrastructure is structured around four core principals – professional, client-focused, quality and a cost-effective service offering.

Our services assist clients in achieving OHS Act compliance!

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Saiosh certified - First Aid Training Courses
First Aid Training Courses - Department of labour
hwseta - First Aid Training Courses
ECSI - First Aid Training Courses

Health and Safety Specialists

Absolute Health Services (AHS) offer accredited Health and Safety (H&S) training, ensuring that our clients receive current, professional and quality training.

All our training instructors are paramedics registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa, and have extensive practical operational experience and have specialised in First Aid, Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), Firefighting and H&S training.

Our training courses contain the latest theoretical course content and extensive practical content and scenario training, thereby ensuring both theoretical and practical exposure.

Our intention is to establish a national Health and Safety training network and footprint, enabling our clients to access our training network anywhere in the country.

We know that without the support of our clients our business would not exist, so we are committed to offering a professional, client-focussed, high quality and cost-effective service.

First Aid Training Courses


First aid is a lifesaving skill that enables family members, friends, bystanders and fellow employees to assist patients who are injured until professional help or emergency services arrive.


Every year uncontrolled fires claim millions in property loss, and damage and the devastating loss of life have a negative impact on communities. Our Fire Fighting training is aimed at understanding the theory of fire.


Various H&S training courses are on offer, with the most popular being the Health and Safety Representative course. Our H&S courses are generally 1 – 10 days in duration. Choose a course suitable for you!


Cardiac arrest, heart attacks, choking and drowning happen unexpectedly. CPR is a skill that every person should know, as it has been proven that it can assist to keep a patient’s vital organs alive until professional help arrives. Book a course today.


Emergencies, accidents and disasters occur unexpectedly and often result in chaos and confusion about how best to respond. The Evacuation Procedures course will assist your emergency response team to implement effective evacuation plans.


It is important to ensure that the work and home environment are stocked with the correct emergency equipment. Should an emergency occur, trained H&S personnel will then have easy access to the equipment the require.


To become a world-class health and safety-/-basic life support emergency-care training provider.

To establish a successful business structured around four core principals: being professional, and client focussed, and providing a high quality, cost-effective service offering.

Health and Safety Insights

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