HIV AIDS: 1 Day - R795.00 ex VAT

With HIV and AIDS being such a large global pandemic, affecting millions of people, we all need to be aware of the virus, the precautions we need to take, the presenting signs and symptoms, and how we can live and work together with those infected with HIV and AIDS. The HIV AIDS awareness course covers this information and more and the content of the course are listed below:

HIV AIDS Awareness Course Content and Modules:

  • What is HIV AIDS and how did it spread;
  • How did stigma begin and facts about sub-Saharan Africa;
  • Who and how do you get HIV and how does it spread;
  • How to use condoms and resistance to using them;
  • The stages of STI and how we get them;
  • Opportunistic infections and Tuberculosis;
  • Four stages of HIV;
  • A person’s rights.

This course is ideal for all employees to attend, as everyone must be informed and reminded of the virus and its effects on workplaces and home environments.


R795.00 excluding VAT.

Duration of the course:

HIV AIDS Awareness is a 1-day course.


The delegates will be issued with a certificate once they have successfully completed the 1-day course and the certificate is valid for a 2-year period.


Facilitation of the courses can be conducted on-site at your if you have a minimum of 8 delegates, or at one of our training venues in Johannesburg, Durban, Port Elizabeth, or Cape Town

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