Advanced Firefighting: 2 Days – R1,650.00 ex VAT

Fire departments and brigades responded to thousands of fires which unfortunately lead to many deaths and amounted to billion worth of damage in South Africa every year. Some organisations and industries are in a higher risk environment and require advanced firefighting for the company’s firefighting team and fire wardens. A firefighting extinguisher may not be sufficient and not successfully extinguish the fire, requiring the fire wardens to use more advanced firefighting equipment such as hose reels or fire hoses, branches, and hydrants to tackle the fire. 

The firefighting team must always look after their and the firefighting team’s safety, so it is also important for the team to not endanger themselves and withdraw as soon as their safety is jeopardized or questioned in any way. The professional firefighters from the fire departments, brigades, or emergency services, should arrive soon and manage the fire or emergency incident further.

Advanced Firefighting Course Content and Modules:

  • The Fire Tetrahedron and the components required to sustain combustion
  • Common causes of fires in the workplace
  • Identifying different types of fires
  • Fire Prevention Techniques
  • Various fire detection and reporting methods
  • The different classes of fires
  • The different types of fire equipment including fire extinguishers, Fire Hose Reels, Fire Hydrants and Fire Hoses
  • Which fires are extinguished with which fire extinguisher
  • Personal safety requirements and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Methods of extinguishing fires (Practical component)
  • First Aid techniques for treating burns
  • Emergency Patient Carry Methods
  • Fire Risk Assessment and Hazard Controls
  • Monthly Fire Checklist which the firefighter has to be complete
  • Fire Investigation and Scene Preservation techniques
  • The Advanced Fire Fighting course consists of a combination of theoretical and practical components to adequately prepare a fire warden for workplace fires. The practical component also includes:
    • Fire extinguisher operation and the extinguishment of a fire
    • The correct use of a hose reel and the extinguishment of a fire
    • Fire hydrant operations and hand signals
    • Fire hydrant hose drills and the extinguishment of a fire
    • Smoke house (site dependent)

Duration of the course:

Advanced firefighting is a full 2-day course.


The cost is R1,650.00 excluding VAT.


The delegates will be issued with a certificate once they have successfully completed the 2-day course and the certificate is valid for a 2-year period. 


We have training venues in Johannesburg, Durban, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town, or the training can be conducted on-site at your premises if you have a minimum of 8 delegates to attend the course.

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Nhlanhla Wiseman
Nhlanhla Wiseman
11:49 30 Nov 23
Their facilitator was brilliant I will never Forget Tanja, one of the best and most informative facilitators who made you feel comfortable. Would have wished to do a firefighting course in their facility Absolute Health Services.
Nduvho Nengovhela
Nduvho Nengovhela
12:20 29 Nov 23
04:35 25 Nov 23
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