Health and Safety Officer: 10 Days - R7,422.00 ex VAT

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Health and Safety Officers are responsible for planning, implementing, and overseeing an organization’s health and safety strategy and assist in ensuring that all employees, visitors, and contractors are safe and that the organization achieves compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Act 85 of 1993 requirements.

A business and the management team need “OHS peace of mind” and knowing that the health and safety officer is taking care of the organization’s OHS requirements. Studies have shown that most incidents and accidents can be avoided, as they are generally caused by unrecognised hazards and risks either from employee errors, faulty equipment, bad habits, and practice, etc. The health and safety officer will assist in reducing this risk and the unnecessary possibility of incidents, accidents, and ill health occurring!

The roles and responsibilities of a Health and Safety Officer include:

  • Assisting in ensuring that the employer and all employees comply with the OHS Act
  • Review, plan and assist in implement OHS policies, procedures, and strategy
  • Assist with advice in compiling the annual OHS budget
  • Conduct annual risk assessments to ensure that hazards and risks have been identified and have been addressed appropriately 
  • Conduct incident and accident investigations together with health and safety representatives
  • Advise and inform employees on various OHS initiatives and strategy;
  • Prepare regular in-service health and safety training and communication topics;
  • Ensure that the OHS team is trained in first aid, firefighting, evacuation planning, health, and safety, etc
  • Works with HR to assist in conducting health and safety induction programs for all new employees
  • Enforces the necessary measures to ensure health and safety objectives are met etc

Health and Safety Officer Course Content and Modules:

  • First Aid Level 1 – The health and safety officer must assist with emergencies where necessary, but also have a better understanding of the roles and responsibilities of first aiders and how they can operate effectively as a team, should an accident occur. The first aid level 1 training course is completed in full 
  • Firefighting – They need to understand the theory behind fires, how firefighting equipment is used and serviced, and how to implement fire prevention measures and strategies in the workplace. The firefighting course is completed in full 
  • Evacuation Procedures – Health and safety officers also need to understand the importance of efficiently evacuating the entire workplace premises in emergency conditions and evacuations, how the evacuation changes for different types of emergencies, the roles, and responsibilities of the OHS teams, the laws pertaining to evacuation procedures and requirements – The evacuation planning course is completed in full 
  • Occupational Health & Safety Act – They require a holistic general understanding of the OHS Act and which sections and regulations are critical to ensure that the company is OHS Act compliant
  • Incident Investigation –They also need to conduct thorough incident investigations, to identify unsafe working conditions or acts, determine the real cause, make recommendations and implement corrective and preventative actions
  • Risk Assessment – Annual risk assessments are needed to identify objects, procedures, or processes that are hazards and which pose a risk to the employees, visitors, and organisation as a whole. Control measures must then be suggested, reviewed, and implemented to eliminate, mitigate and effectively control these risks
  • H&S Management Systems – They will be taught how to effectively implement an H&S management system, which includes health and safety policies, structures, administration, culture, communication, objectives, etc.


The course is R7,422.00 excluding VAT. (Special Discounted Price – Valid May – July 2024).

Duration of the course:

Health and Safety Officer is a 10-day course.


The delegates will be issued a certificate once they have successfully completed the 10-day course. 


Absolute Health Services has training venues in Johannesburg, Durban, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town. Delegates can be attended at any of those venues on public course dates, or on-site at your premises if you have a minimum of 8 delegates to attend the course.

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