First Aid Kit Checklist: Ensure Workplace Safety

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First aid kits are an essential aspect of workplace safety, playing a critical role in addressing incidents efficiently. But it’s not just about having a first aid box; it’s about understanding the necessary first aid kit items to comply with Regulation 7.

The prospect of workplace medical emergencies is indeed daunting. Despite stringent safety measures, incidents can occur. This reality underscores the importance of a well-stocked first aid box and the presence of a trained first aid officer to meet the OHSAA act’s requirements.

Human resources, our invaluable assets, thrive in environments where their well-being is a priority. A simple yet vital component of such an environment is a fully equipped first aid bag.

The Importance of a First Aider and a First Aid Box in the Workplace

Being a first aider, you recognize that having a complete first aid kit list is non-negotiable for an office setting. Accidents and injuries are part and parcel of life, even in the most controlled environments. Hence, a workplace first aid box, complemented by your expertise as a first aider, is essential to ensure your company’s adherence to OHS regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions about First Aid in the Workplace

When is first aid necessary in the workplace? Regulation 7 mandates prompt first aid treatment whenever injuries or emergencies occur on the job.

Does my workplace require a designated first aider? Yes, any workplace with over 10 employees should appoint a certified first aider, with specific ratios depending on the type of workplace.

What training should a first aider have? They must possess a valid first aid certificate, renewed every three years, from a SETA-approved provider.

When should first aid kits be available? A first aid kit box should be provided in any workplace with more than five employees.

Do I need additional first aid equipment? Additional equipment might be required if employees are at risk of exposure to hazardous substances.

Where should the first aid kit be placed? The first aid kit must be easily visible and accessible for treating injuries or illnesses.

How many first aid kits are necessary? This depends on various factors such as the nature of the work, the number of employees, and the types of potential injuries.

What signage is required for a first aid kit? Clear signage indicating the location of the first aid kit and the name of the on-duty first aider is crucial.

Can employers include medications in the first aid kit? Only items that comply with specific regulations should be included in your first aid kit contents.

How often should the first aid kit be checked? Regular checks are necessary to replenish and update the first aid kit supplies.

Do I need to appoint a first aid officer? Yes, workplaces with more than 10 employees must appoint a first aid officer.

Equip Your Workplace with the Right First Aid Supplies

Whether you’re looking to replenish your current first aid equipment or explore the variety of first aid kits for sale, it’s crucial to have a reliable source for all your needs. A well-prepared first aid bag is not just a regulatory requirement; it reflects your dedication to the safety and well-being of your team.

For all the high-quality supplies that should be part of your workplace first aid kit, visit Absolute Health Services’ Safety Equipment page where you can find products tailored to meet your specific requirements. Make the smart choice for workplace safety and ensure you have all the necessary first aid kit contents today.

First Aid Kit Checklist

These are the minimum prescribed first aid kit supplies that should be in your first aid kit

Item 1 Wound cleaner / antiseptic (100ml)
Item 2 Gauze Swabs for cleaning wounds x 25
Item 3 Cotton wool for padding (100g)
Item 4 Sterile gauze (minimum quantity 10)
Item 5 1 x pair of forceps (for splinters)
Item 6 1 x pair of scissors (minimum size 100mm)
Item 7 1 x set of safety pins
Item 8 4 x triangular bandages
Item 9 4 x conforming bandages (75mm x 5m)
Item 10 4 x conforming bandages (100mm x 5m)
Item 11 1 x roll of elastic adhesive (25mm x 3m)
Item 12 1 x Non-allergenic adhesive strip (25mm x 3m)
Item 13 1 x Packet of adhesive dressing strips (minimum quantity 10 assorted sizes)
Item 14 4 x First aid dressings – No 3 (75mm x 100mm)
Item 15 4 x First aid dressings – No 5 (150mm x 200mm)
Item 16 2 x Straight splints
Item 17 2 x Pairs large and 2 x pairs medium disposable latex gloves
Item 18 2 x CPR mouth pieces or similar devices
Item 19 Adequate supply of absorbent material – like paper towels – for absorption of blood and other body fluids spilled
Item 20 Disinfectant to disinfect the area after cleaning up blood and other body fluids spilled.
Item 21 1 x Pair large and 1 x pair medium disposable rubber household gloves.
Item 22 2 x 2-ply Paper face masks
Item 23 1 x Absorbent gel (50g)
Item 24 A suitable sized self-seal bag for the safe disposal of blood and other body fluid contaminated biohazard materials

*Minimum contents of a First Aid kit in the case of shops and offices, the quantities stated under items 1, 8, 9, 10, 14, 15, 17, and 18 may be reduced by half. Having a suitably stocked first aid kit and a trained first aider is important for every workplace. Absolute Health Services provides accredited first aid training for the First Aid NQF Level 1 course that will ensure your first aider has the best training for your environment

First Aid Kit Checklist

Ensure that you always have a correctly stocked First Aid Box in your workplace as per the Regulation 7.

Download our free checklist to keep on hand so that your are to respond to emergencies effectively.