Health and Safety Course Prices: How To Get The Most Value

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Health and safety course prices can vary, but understanding the value of the course will help you decide on which company to train your staff. We all know health and safety should never be seen as a grudge purchase; firstly because invaluable safety practice reduces or mitigates risk, which assists in preventing unnecessary harm to employees. In the unfortunate and sometimes unavoidable circumstance where an incident occurs – the health and safety courses and training of staff help to minimise or prevent further damage or injury.

Secondly, a hands-on approach to health and safety communicates to all employees that their company is serious about the wellbeing and safety of all its employees.

Finally – the legal implications of not being OHS Act compliant have a risk of reputational damage and criminal liability for any company, which is compounded as soon as an unexpected incident occurs, or if the Department of Labour decides to visit or audit your company.

At the end of the day, a healthy and safe company is a better company, with employees that are happier and more productive. Health and safety implementation and training is a must, so when investigating health and safety course prices, what should you be looking for?

Health and safety course prices: What to Look for in an OHS Supplier

One of the more important aspects to consider when looking at health and safety course prices and training programmes, is their valid accreditation status as well as the quality of service and training experience your supplier has. OHS training is a long term investment as there are ongoing annual health and safety course requirements and training costs, so you should be looking for a long term quality partnership. 

Health and safety course prices: OHS Supplier accreditation

First aid training is a very important part of a larger health and safety preparedness emergency care system that is important and critical to a patient or employee’s wellbeing and possible survival. Patients that are injured and waiting for an ambulance to arrive need proper first aiders to assist and keep the patients alive until the emergency services or paramedics arrive. You should never commission a company that does not have proper valid accreditation with the HWSETA and the Department of Labour, to train your staff in first aid and health and safety courses. Your time and money might be wasted and the training might not be valid or recognized as contributing towards Occupational Health and Safety Act compliance.  

Health and safety course prices: OHS Supplier experience

The instructors and managers of the company who is responsible for your occupational health and safety act and first aid training should have extensive health and safety knowledge and experience. Their actual operational experience and the fact that they are registered paramedics or professional firefighters will dictate the value and quality of the health and safety, firefighting, and first aid training.

The more experience that the training team members have, the better the training will be and the better they will be at transferring the critical skills to those attending the training. Staff should also enjoy the training and have a positive experience and inform colleagues that the training was beneficial and worthwhile. An experience first aid training provider will ensure this is achieved!. Having an OHS service provider to train and manage health and safety administration, practice, and processes at your company, has helped many companies achieve compliance and a healthy and safe working environment for everyone. The implications of not being compliant may be severe involving fines and even possible imprisonment!  

Absolute Health Services Health And Safety Course Prices

Listed below are the Absolute Health Services accredited Health and Safety course prices:

First Aid

First aid is a lifesaving skill that enables family members, friends, bystanders and fellow employees to assist patients who are injured by preventing their condition from worsening and keeping them alive until professional help or emergency services arrive.

Absolute Health Services’ first aid training includes a wide range of theoretical and practical content, ranging from scene safety, primary and secondary survey, bleeding control, wounds, fractures, burns, shock, medical and trauma emergencies and more.

Our First Aid training courses are presented by registered paramedics with operational experience in emergency services and who understand the importance and benefit of rendering quality First Aid on-scene.

Certificates are issued after successful completion of a theoretical and practical competency assessment. Certificates are accredited and recognized by various statutory bodies such as the Health and Welfare Sectional Educational Training Authority (HWSETA), Resuscitation Council of South Africa (RCSA) and the American Emergency Care and Safety Institute (ECSI).

  1. First Aid NQF Level 1
    1. 2 ½ days
    2. R845.00 ex VAT
    3. There are no pre-entry requirements
  2. First Aid NQF Level 2
    1. 2 ½ days
    2. R845.00 ex VAT
    3. Delegates need to have an accredited HIV AIDS course as an entry requirement!
  3. First Aid NQF Level 3
    1. 5 days
    2. R1,350.00 ex VAT
    3. Delegates need to have an accredited HIV AIDS course as an entry requirement!
  4. First Aid NQF Level 1, 2 & 3 Skills Program
    1. 10 days
    2. R3,950.00 ex VAT
    3. Delegates need to have an accredited HIV AIDS course as an entry requirement!


Cardiac arrest, heart attacks, choking and drownings happen unexpectedly. CPR is a skill that every person should know, as it is has been proven that performing CPR assists in keeping a patient’s vital organs alive until professional can arrive.

The course includes adult, child and infant CPR, choking and AED (automated external defibrillator) training.

  1. CPR, AED, & Choking (RCSA)
    1. 3 hours
    2. R450.00 ex VAT
  2. CPR for Professionals (RCSA)
    1. 4 hours
    2. R725.00 ex VAT
  3. BLS for Healthcare Providers (AHA)
    1. 5 Hours
    2. R850.00 ex VAT

Fire Fighting

Every year uncontrolled fires claim millions in property loss and damage and devastate communities with loss of life. Our firefighting training is aimed at understanding the theory of fire, the importance of implementing a fire prevention program, and how to extinguish different kinds of fires. The two-day course offers additional theoretical information and exposure to additional fire fighting equipment and extinguishing methods. Delegates report to a practical fire fighting venue on the second day of the Advanced Fire-fighting course.

  1. Fire Fighting
    1. 1 day
    2. R695.00 ex VAT
  2. Advanced Fire Fighting
    1. 2 days
    2. R1,500.00 ex VAT
  3. SAQCC Fire Technician 1475
    1. 5 days
    2. R3,950.00 ex VAT

Health and Safety

Each of the Health and Safety courses listed below plays an integral part in creating and maintaining your compliant occupational health and safety ecosystem.

  1. H&S Representative
    1. 1 Day
    2. R695.00 ex VAT
  2. H&S Incident Investigation
    1. 1 day
    2. R750.00 ex VAT
  3. H&S Risk Assessment
    1. 1 day
    2. R750.00 ex VAT
  4. H&S OHS Act
    1. 1 day
    2. R750.00 ex VAT
  5. H&S 16.2 Workshop
    1. 2 hours
    2. R450.00 ex VAT
  6. H&S Supervisor
    1. 2 days
    2. R1,050.00 ex VAT
  7. H&S Officer Skills Program
    1. 10 days
    2. R8,995.00 ex VAT

Occupational health and safety course prices: Certificates

In order to achieve OHS Act compliance, you are required to show the Department of Labour inspectors your training accreditation certificates, to prove that you’ve actually attended SETA accredited health and safety training.  Most suppliers can only provide your certificate in approximately two weeks. AHS does this within 10 working days, as long as full payment for the training has been received, thereby assisting to ensure your compliance status as quickly as possible. When choosing a health and safety training supplier, look for a supplier like Absolute Health Services who is prepared to go above and beyond the normal service requirements, to make your occupational health and safety compliance experience an enjoyable one.

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Free Health and Safety Workplace Guide

Our comprehensive Health and Safety Guide is designed to simplify the process of implementing effective workplace safety practices. It provides clear and practical guidance to help employers, including HR and HSE managers, achieve compliance with regulations and create a safe working environment for their employees.