What are Safety Management Courses?

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A health and safety management system refers to the portion of a company’s management system that addresses their safety management requirements such as: health and safety at work, its planning and implementation, the prevention of accidents and incidents through effective planning, hazard identification, hazard control, and the avoidance of occupational diseases. Health and safety cannot be managed as a stand-alone system; it is an essential component of workplace management.

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To implement a proper Health and Safety Management system the following key points should be looked at and implemented.

  1. Train and appoint a Health and Safety Officer.
  2. Train employees in health and safety eg Health and Safety Representative course.
  3. Have a plan ready for your health and safety management system.
  4. Ask for employee input on health and safety.
  5. Carry out hazard identification and risk assessments.
  6. Make sure to create a health and safety policy and have procedures in place.
  7. Measure performance and outcomes.
  8. Keep written record of incidents and accidents that happen in your workplace.
  9. Review procedures and policies.
  10. Make sure certificates are up to date.
  11. Have a proper emergency plan in place.
  12. Comply with the OHS Act 85:1993

At Absolute Health Services we have a range of health and safety courses which can help your business achieve their health and safety standards relating to OHS compliance as well as assist you to insure that your health and safety management system is functioning and aligned with all the national related standards.

Three of these specific courses that we offer are:

Let’s then look at the role and responsibilities of each of these related appointments and the courses on offer at AHS.

Health and Safety Officer course

This is in class training – face to face with your instructor: 

This accredited course focuses on preparing learners who want to start a career in OHS and more importantly on how to implement safety within their workplace. The health and safety officer course that we offer is a 10-day course that will equip you in your role and prepare you for the world of health and safety. 

what are safety management courses

Modules covered include:

  • First Aid NQF Level 1
  • Basic Firefighting 
  • Evacuation Procedures 
  • Occupational Health & Safety Act 
  • Incident Investigation 
  • Risk Assessment 
  • H&S Management Systems 

Delegates would also be required to complete a portfolio of evidence within a work environment post training in order to complete this course and receive their certificates.

Price R9895.00 excl VAT.

Health and Safety Supervisor course 

This is a 2-day course aimed at HOD’S, managers and supervisors. It gives them a solid background in order to become familiar with their role and responsibilities both from a legal OHS perspective and their role back at work as the health and safety supervisor. 

Modules and content include:

  • Various important sections of the OHS Act
  • Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA) 
  • Incident and Accident Investigation
  • General OHS act requirements with regards to planning, implementation and operation 

This course is accredited with the HWSETA and certificates are valid for a 2-year period. 

Price R 1 155.00 excl VAT

Health and Safety Representative course

As per the OHS Act 85:1993 the law requires any Employer under Section 17: of this Act to nominate, train and appoint a health and safety representative for their work environment. The health and safety representative is there to represent the employees on health and safety, perform monthly work inspections in their workplace, to identify hazards and assist with incident / accident investigation.

Modules and content include:

  • Sections of the OHS act pertaining to the representative and their functions
  • The specific duties and functions of the representative and their appointment letters 
  • Introduction to incident investigations and hazard identification risk assessments 
  • A practical component which allows the learner to conduct a walkabout with a check sheet in a controlled environment and assess the workplace for any health and safety related concerns or non-conformances.

Our health and safety representative course is accredited with the HWSETA and is 1 day.  Certificates are valid for a 2-year period

Price for this course is R750.00 excl VAT.. 

All of the above courses are conducted in the classroom at our public training venues in Fourways, Durban, Cape Town or Port Elizabeth, but if sufficient numbers allow, we can also come to the client’s venue. For the health and safety supervisor and representative there is an option to do the course online using platforms such as Teams – however all related portfolios, assessments, and practicals would still need to be completed for the learner to be found competent.

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Health and safety is often viewed as a complicated and frustrating legislative requirement but by attending one of our comprehensive and affordable courses, the subject of health and safety becomes a fairly simple, logical, and effective system and process to implement.

For more information, visit our Health and Safety Training page which gives more detail on our health and safety management course fees, course dates, and the location of our branches for all your safety and training needs.

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