First Aid Fire and Evacuation Skills Program: 5 Days - R3,950.00 ex VAT

The first module of the course consists of the NQF Level 1 First Aid. After completion of this section,  delegates will be equipped with important first aid knowledge and skills, enabling them to assist  patients who need emergency first aid assistance. The specific outcomes are:  

  • Demonstrate an understanding of emergency scene management  
  • Demonstrate an understanding of elementary anatomy and physiology  
  • Assess an emergency situation  
  • Apply first aid procedures to the life-threatening situation  
  • Treat common injuries  

Basic firefighting is the next module. The delegate will get good basic firefighting theoretical  knowledge content such as fire prevention principles, the different classes of fire, as well as how to  practically handle a firefighting extinguisher. This basic fire training will build confidence in  attempting to extinguish a fire in the correct circumstances.  

Evacuation Planning forms the third and final module of this comprehensive skills program. This  course is designed to help delegates understand the importance of emergency preparedness and  conducting bi-annual or regular evacuation drills in the workplace. On completion of the course, you  will understand the need for regular mock evacuation drills, evacuation floor plans, key personnel  responsibilities, how to call for emergency interventions, and how to manage an evacuation under  different scenarios  

The delegate would need to complete 5 days of in-classroom facilitation as well as 8 days of on-the-job  workplace practical learning, to meet the required notional hours of 11 credits (110 hours) worth of training.  Absolute Health Services will manage the delegate information upload process onto the Health and  Welfare SETA portal and arrange for a verification visit to occur so that competent delegates can  receive endorsement from the HWSETA. This is however a lengthy process, could take anything from  4 to 6 months or longer due to verification and endorsement training processes.  

The first aid fire and evacuation responder skills program will include the specific outcomes and  modules as listed in all the required unit standards.  


R3,950.00 excluding VAT  

Duration of the course: 

5 days facilitation and the submission of a practical learning assignment to  the HWSETA  


The delegates will be issued a certificate within 14 days once they have attended the  course. The HWSETA endorsement and certification process will be finalized only once they complete their verification audit process and endorse the delegates, which could take anything from 6 months and longer.  


The first aid skills program training can take place at one of our training locations in Durban,  Port Elizabeth, Johannesburg, or Cape Town, or onsite at a client’s venue where there is a minimum  of 8 delegates to be trained.

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