Momentum Metropolitan Case Study

Helped developed in-house Health & Safety Representative and Incident & Accident Management training as well as Evacuation Planning training

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Case Study: Momentum Metropolitan Holdings Ltd

Client Overview:

Momentum Metropolitan Holdings Limited (Momentum Metropolitan) is a South African-based financial services group. 

Their client-facing and specialist brands enable businesses and people from all walks of life to achieve their financial goals. They help people grow their savings, protect their assets and invest for the future. They also help companies and organisations care for and reward their employees and members. Momentum Metropolitan provides practical financial solutions for people, communities and businesses.

Challenges Faced:

Momentum Metropolitan approached Absolute Health Services as they needed an accredited health and safety training provider to assist them with their compliance training as well as other health and safety related services. The company has four main campuses in Centurion, Sandton, Durban and Cape Town with more than 100 branches situated nationally. Finding an accredited training provider that would train at the branches, some of which are located in remote parts of the country, was a challenge.

During COVID, they had to adapt their way of work as there was still a need to train their employees in health and safety. As we were their existing training partner, they negotiated with us to change our training sessions to online with a practical component for first aid and firefighting during this period. Post COVID they are still facing challenges in the health and safety environment as people are now working differently. They work from home permanently, hybridly, intermittently or on a rotational basis.

Client Goals:

As a responsible employer Momentum Metropolitan are committed to the health and safety of all their employees, clients, visitors, stakeholders, and anyone who enters their work environments. They continuously work hard to ensure a safe environment for all.

The biggest challenge currently in their business is fully implementing health and safety protocols in all their branches. Their main campuses are in order, and health and safety protocols are fully integrated. Due to high staff turnover and numerous locations, some remote, it is more of a challenge to integrate all processes at their branches.

How We Assisted Our Client:

Apart from training at the main campuses, we also assist with health and safety training of their employees who are located at the regional branches or offices. This training consists of first aid and firefighting skills whilst simultaneously conducting a baseline risk and health and safety equipment assessment at 14 pre-selected offices whilst our health and safety specialist is on site. 

During the evacuation drills at Centurion, Sandton, Durban and Cape Town last year, we provided assistance and guidance to the health and safety team members who were running the drills.

This year we attended their EVP days (Employee Value Proposition Days), where our health and safety team went to Centurion, Sandton, Cape Town and Durban to perform CPR and evacuation chair demonstrations, have firefighting discussions and share general health and safety information with all interested employees.

We regularly meet with Momentum Metropolitan to discuss a project plan for further training, risk assessments, and health and safety equipment assessments at their branches. This project will roll-over to all branches on an annual basis to ensure that all branches are eventually fully trained and have had health and safety equipment and risk assessment done.

Services Provided:


      • First Aid Training

      • Firefighting Training

      • Risk Assessments

      • Assistance and guidance during evacuation drills and attending debrief sessions

      • Providing compliance posters

      • General health and safety related advice and guidance

    Our Impact:

    We have been providing Momentum Metropolitan with health and safety training since 2018 and have been helping them stay compliant and keep a strong health and safety culture within the company. We have formed a strong and lasting relationship with the client, and this has helped us to understand and anticipate their health and safety needs year on year. Their health and safety teams are enthusiastic and have enjoyed the training that Absolute Health Services has provided.

    Testimonial from the client:



    AHS always deliver fantastic service and training. We have a great partnership, they really go out of their way to assist with a workable plan to ensure compliance in our offices and branches.



    With the assistance/guidance of AHS, we have developed in-house Health & Safety Representative and Incident & Accident Management training as well as Evacuation Planning training. We are therefore able to continuously train our employees. In 2022 we trained 237 officials and since 1 January 2023 we trained 129 officials so far (up to June 2023).



    AHS always provide stellar service to our company. They have a solution for whatever the need is.